So much to learn and so little time. For editing and organizing my pictures I’ve looked at several tools including XnView (free, fast and powerful but too unstable) and IrFanView (free, fast and powerful, but not great for editing EXIF or other tags on the fly). Instead I’m trying out a nice little photo tool called IMatch from the PhoTools web site. This app costs $65 but they offer a fully-functional version free for 30 days.

The reason I like IMatch so much is that it has fully functional EXIF and IPTC editors built-in, as well as lots of cool and easy ways to set things like descriptions and captions on your photos. This was really important to me because I want to be able to set all my captions and stuff as I review and organize my pictures. Then, when I’ve got everything set up, I want to be able to upload it all to a photo album tool and have the tool just grab the captions and stuff directly from the pictures themselves.

Today I’m testing out WP Photo Album Plus as my photo album tool for this web site. It’s a free WordPress plugin and I’m hoping it can do what I want. To start, I needed to add the plugin to my site. Then I’m supposed to create a new post and add an image to it like this one of me, Matt and Victor standing at the base of the Eiffel Tower.

%%wppa%% %%cover=1%% %%size=auto%%

Posted on: December 28, 2012
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