Legolad is a gamer tag I started using around 1979 in my D&D games. At the time I was fascinated by all all things elvish and Legolad was my attempt to butch up the name Legolas. Later I started using Legolad as my online name and it just stuck. There are a few pretenders out there (I’m looking at you, 8-year-old Instagram kid who never posts anything), but I’m the real deal.

My real name is David Haskins and I live in Southtown where the heatmeiser has a firm grip on the snow and rarely lets any slip. I enjoy cooking, mixology of the cocktail variety, gaming, writing, film, and travel. To feed my habits, I do a job for a hotel company which I won’t go into here because this is a personal web site and – as the song says – I like to keep ’em separated.

This web site is my repository of all things Legolad. So relax, explore, comment, share, and keep it civilized.