This video was a surprise gift to Victor in December of 2013. The music is “Red and Blue” by one of our all-time favorite bands called Little Green Cars. If you don’t know, my favorite color is Blue and Victor’s is Red. Hence our love for this particular song about robots in love.


In the Fall of 2013 I got my copy of a game called OGRE. This is, as far as I know,m the largest board game ever made and I wanted to do an unboxing video. If you’ve never heard of an unboxing video, they are popular on YouTube. People do unboxing videos when they are excited to show off something new.

At around the same time OGRE came out, Victor and I went to our 3rd Minecon where we obtained some Minecraft action figures. Before you know it I was back in 8th grade and making this stop-action animation for my unboxing video. I hope you like it.



In June of 2013 I created a film for my dad’s 80th birthday. It includes a lot of pictures from our family’s life and some old home movies he entrusted to me. I’m really excited to be able to share it here.

I’ll be adding the raw footage from these home movies later on.



Balut is a street food in the Philippines. It is a duck egg that has been allowed to mature to about 18-22 days before it is cooked (steamed or boiled). When you break it open you find a very tasty partially developed duck replete with bill, head, feet, wings, and even a few tender feathers. With a little salt it is a tasty treat that seems to make most Americans freak out. Knowing this, my friends in Manila set up a tasting for me at the office. Knowing what was coming, I cheated a little and went to have some at the mall before I went to the office. The best part is that it actually tasted great and I became their first American visitor who didn’t choke on the balut.

Inspired by the experience, I made a little video for my friends in Manila!