Victor and I love to travel and we both take lots of pictures and even some movies when we’re able. We post nearly everything here, so come back often to see what we’ve snapped recently.

2014 Travels

In 2014 we went to Milwaukee, France, China, and took a cruise. Click this to go to the 2014 travel page.


2012 Travels

In November 2012 we took a trip to Europe. It was our first time there.

We started off with Minecon 2012, a gaming convention for people who play the game Minecraft.

[wppa type=”mphoto” photo=”434″ size=”auto”][/wppa]


Speaking of Minecraft, here are some videos we took at Minecon 2012.

The Minecraft Style parody was a big hit.


Also, we kept our promise and did a toast our friends at The Shaft Podcast. Wes Wilson, Brent Copeland, and Eric Fullerton.


And lastly, here’s a peek at the enormous line for the opening ceremony.

<still waiting for the vid. link will appear shortly>


After Minecon, we toured around Paris, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Bruges, and Brussels.

[wppa type=”mphoto” photo=”347″ size=”50″][/wppa]